Graphic Designer specializing in print production working with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Completed a Graphic Design Associate Degree in 2016. With thirteen years previous experience in sales, all projects are approached with the customer in mind.  

Image of Coral Springs Magazine cover
Image of  collapsible box featuring silver foil
Image of package designed for Package Design Trade show in the shape of a sugar Skull
Image of Holiday box in green and gold foil designed for Package Design Trade Show
Image of Tea boxes displayed on wooden table
Image of poster showcasing Bodoni Typeface
Image of editorial for Target data mining
Image of infographic about the history of Superbowl Ads.

Image of a mock up of an illustration created by Andrea Berryman showing the four seasons as it would look on a book

Front cover of H.G. Well book 'In the days of the Comet' as Andrea would have designed it
Image of postcard invites
Image of Annual report for United Way 2014 as Andrea would have designed it
Image of Logo for proposed energy drink Solar
Image of three water bottles labeled Elan Spring Water

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